‘PLL’ Tyler Blackburn Is Crying Out For Help

Credit: Instagram

Pretty Little Liars star Tyler Blackburn, aka Caleb, is crying out for attention!

But that’s ok, because we are more than happy to give it to him. The handsome star of the Freeform TV show has so many things going on, it’s only fair we lend him a hand.

Credit: Instagram

“I spent four hours this morning trying to make my hair look perfectly imperfect! Why must being beautiful be so time consuming?”

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 9.38.04 AM
Credit: Instagram

“Hmmm… I seem to have forgotten my clothes in my hotel room. My bad!”

Credit: Instagram

“I feel I tend to do my best thinking while fully nude. Wait, you don’t?”

Credit: Instagram

“It’s never easy trying to strike the right balance between tough and sensitive.”

Credit: Instagram

“This heat, I can’t take it any more! If only taking off my sweater wouldn’t ruin my outfit.”

Credit: Instagram

“The ocean. So vast. So full of mystery.”

Pretty Little Liars only has one season left. What will you do without your Tyler Blackburn fix?

NOTE: All comments about actor Tyler Blackburn are purely made in jest and come from our deep love and admiration for him, his acting skills, and his abs.

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