Kendall, Gigi: The People Have Spoken And You Are NOT Supermodels

Credit: Instagram

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid may be two of the most talked about models right now, but that doesn’t mean they’re supermodels. At least, according to the internet they’re not.

 British Vogue posed a simple, ordinary question to their followers on Twitter and boy did folks have opinions.




What’s that people? We don’t think we quite heard you…

Oh, gotcha! So apparently “everyone” think Kendall and Gigi aren’t supermodels.

Which makes sense since the girls haven’t walked in the Victoria’s Secret show or for Versace or Chanel or Dior or a million other top notch designers. Oh wait…

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

And the two most definitely didn’t pose for Vogue or anything.

Credit: Instagram

Kendall, Gigi– you may walk for every big fashion designer and appear on the cover of countless magazines but unfortunately you are not supermodels. Sorry, babes! Keep your chins up.

Credit: Instagram

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