Mysteries of the Universe: How Did Paris Become Friends with Madeline and Louise on ‘Gilmore Girls’?


We love Gilmore Girls to pieces, but there has been one thing that has always perplexed us: How the heck did Paris become friends with Madeline and Louise?

It’s a question that haunted us for the first three seasons and continues to haunt us every time we watch GG from the start (which has been many, many times).

Today we take a look at it from both sides, to finally settle this thing once and for all.

Why it Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Ok, let’s state the obvious: Paris school-obsessed, a little bit crazy, and seriously intense (that’s an understatement). Madeline and Louise are flighty and like to party. Why business do those girls have being in the same room at any given time?


Even bigger question, how does Madeline and Louise not drive Paris absolutely crazy? They talk about boys 24/7 and barely study — unless copying off of Paris’ notes counts as studying.

And why would Madeline and Louise want to hang out with Paris in the first place? She’s controlling and demanding and a Debbie Downer all around. It just makes no sense! But on the other hand…


Why it Makes Total Sense

Paris, Madeline and Louise have been going to the same school for at least 9 years by the time Rory gets to the scene. Paris’ mother most likely forced her to socialize as she is not exactly a “people person” according to her mother (or so she says to Rory season 1 at Madeline’s party).

Madeline and Louise probably needed a leader to leech onto. Paris was an excellent option as she’s commanding and also willing to lend them her study notes in exchange for friendship. And what does Paris get out of it? Loyalty. Loyalty to a T in fact. Anytime Paris is angry with Rory her two lackeys are quick to follow suit without even a question. Seems like a pretty symbiotic relationship to us! Not to mention the 3 seem to enjoy reveling in their bitchiness.

Ok, so maybe we get it. But we’re still gad that Paris found Rory and the two ended up spending the next 7 years of their lives side by side!


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