Ladies We Want to Be BFFs With: Mae Whitman

To start off our new series, “Ladies We Want to Be BFFs With,” we dedicate the first post to the amazing oddball Mae Whitman.

She’s funny, quirky, and totally herself — and she’s not sorry about it! Mae is definitely someone we’d want to hang out with on reg, whether it was just chillin or out raving.

For those of you who need a briefer on the talented actress: She’s most famous as Amber in Parenthood, Ann in Arrested Development, George Clooney’s daughter Maggie in One Fine Day, and the girl scout that Ross accidentally pushed down the stairs in Friends.

AKA, Mae is awesome. We don’t even care if The Duff was a dud (sorry girl, we call it like it is).

In honor of Mae’s coolness, here’s a gallery of all of our favorite photos from her Instagram so you can stalk her all you want. Click each pic to get a better view. Enjoy.

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