Rashida Jones Continues to Be Our Feminist Superhero

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 4.53.38 PM
Credit: Instagram

Not that we ever doubted her, but Rashida Jones continues to be a wise, wonderful, all-around awesome human being.

Most recently she wrote for Glamour on what it means to be a modern day feminist and she completely slayed her essay!

Rashida wrote,

I still worry about young girls emulating our current hypersexual culture without understanding how to prioritize their own pleasure and self-esteem… But just because someone chooses to be empowered by her sexuality publicly does not mean she is the enemy of progress. Feminism isn’t one march toward fairness.”


She also spoke about her missteps as a feminist and how it can take quite a few mistakes before getting it right:

There’s always room for growth. I once wrote a tweet criticizing celebs who profited from their sex appeal. In it I used the word whore in what I intended to be a tongue-in-cheek manner, and I really wish I hadn’t.”

We continue to be in awe of Rashida’s honesty and outspokenness regarding feminist issues. We know that nobody is perfect but damn if she doesn’t come pretty darn close.

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