Everything You Need to Know About ‘Jane the Virgin’ Star Yael Groblas

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Credit: Instagram

We still can’t get over that Jane the Virgin season finale! But even more impressive is Yael Groblas’ awesome performance as both Petra and Aneska.

So here’s a few things you may not know about the breakout actress:

1. She’s half Austrian, half French.

But she was actually raised in Israel! And while she currently resides in LA, she still cooks her favorite Israeli dish, shakshuka. “It’s a perfect homesickness remedy,” she told GrubStreet.

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Credit: Instagram

2. Team Michael or Rafael? No way, she’s team Petra!

“There are so many theories of Jane and Petra running off together, seriously, to raise their children by themselves. I thought that would be great,” she recently told Vulture. We love that idea!!

3. She’s a crazy cat lady.

She admitted that she’s always had at least 4 cats since she was born. So cray!

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Credit: Instagram

4. Aneska’s mannerisms were actually inspired by her cats.

No, seriously! “A lot of her voice, her yelps, her scratches, her body language, I call it ‘getting the fear.’ So she gets the fear sometimes, you know? She’s based on a few of my cats,” she said. lols!

5. She didn’t grow up thinking she’d become an actress.

Yael, who started off as a dancer and model, said she never considered going into acting until her father encouraged her to take a class. “I’d never considered it, but a light bulb went on,” she said after her dad brought it up.

6. She’s besties with her co-stars!

It’s true. Yael is always spotted hanging out with costars Diane Guerrero (Lina) and Yara Martinez (Luisa) off set. How cute!

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.20.20 PM
Credit: Instagram




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