Rose Byrne On Breaking Barriers for Women in Comedy

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Credit: Instagram

Work it, Rose!

Rose Byrne, who gave birth to son Rocco in February, recently stopped by Playboy to talk X-Men, Neighbors 2, and all things funny.

On breaking female stereotypes for Neighbors

“In these comedies the woman is traditionally the killjoy. We really wanted to turn that stereotype on its head. As irresponsible as Seth’s character is, we wanted my character to be equally irresponsible. They’re a team.”

On how doing press for Bridesmaids opened her eyes…

“We were really treated like aliens in the press. I was so naive I didn’t even think about it during the press tour. I didn’t realize that was all anyone would want to talk about—that we were women.”

On the wage gap in Hollywood…

“Just starting the conversation is helping to shift perspectives. It’s the same with the racial issue at the Oscars this year. My friends who recently went through pilot season are saying that the entire focus is on diversity in casting, which seems to be a direct response to the conversation about the Oscars. My hope is the more we talk about it now, the less we’ll have to talk about it over time.”

Check out the entire interview here.

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