America Ferrera Gives Juicy Nuggets of Wisdom on Diversity in TV

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 7.30.06 PM
Credit: Instagram

America Ferrera just wrote a guest column on diversity in TV and movies and it. is. awesome!

While the entire piece by the Superstore actress is definitely worth reading, here are a few of our favorite quotes:

“I don’t know any people of color who go around thinking, ‘I’m going grocery shopping as a Latina,’ or, ‘I’m going to read this book as an Asian person.'”

“It’d be great to go and audition for roles that don’t have to be representative of every Latino person on the planet, but we aren’t always given that freedom.”

“It’s not true that it’s just white men propagating those narratives: we’re all complicit to a smaller or greater degree.”

“Diversity is on everyone’s agenda today, but it’s something I’ve had to think about my entire career, because, in a way, it’s like the tax you pay for being a person of color in this industry.”

“When I look at the faces on television and compare them with film, I realize how far we’ve come on the small screen. It’s important to celebrate the success that’s been made even as we acknowledge there’s further still to travel.”

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