Listen Up! Jennifer Lopez is NOT a Diva

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.06.05 PM
Credit: Instagram

Jennifer Lopez has an important message for everyone: she is not a diva! The Shades of Blue actress recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about how she got the label.

“I got a moniker of being ‘the diva,’ which I never felt I deserved — which I don’t deserve — because I’ve always been a hard worker, on time, doing what I’m supposed to do,” she said.

Even more important, J. Lo says that if she were a man, she never would have gotten called out in the first place.

“We’re not allowed to have certain opinions or even be passionate about something, or they’ll be like, ‘God, she’s really difficult.’ It’s like, ‘Am I? Am I difficult because I care?”

Ok, real talk: we obviously have no idea whether Jenny is a diva or not, but the woman makes a good point! Folks are quick to call women “divas” or “bitches” or other nasty words the moment they get a little opinionated. And what do people call men in return? Nothing that we can recall. When was the last time you heard someone call a man a divo?

Keep fighting the good fight, J. Lo. You’re killing it on TV, in Vegas, and on the music charts so don’t let these silly nicknames get you down.

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