Anne Hathaway’s Advice to Women: Don’t Pluck Your Eyebrows!

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 9.00.50 PM
Credit: Instagram

Anne Hathway has some serious eyebrow game. So when she wants to give out advice, we are seriously all ears!

While sitting down with E! to chat about her new movie, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Anne decided to spontaneously give out some life advice.

Don’t pluck your eyebrows. Seriously! I found a picture of myself from the other day and they were just so great when I was a teenager. I made them all thin and then it took forever to make them grow back, and then they never grew back quite the same. So just never pluck them. Just wait until you’re older and then you’ll figure out your brow game. Start with a nice, thick base.”

Anne, we bow down to you! That is some real advice, ladies. And while we can’t say we’ve followed that advice ourselves (sometimes there are hairs you just can’t resist!), we definitely will start heeding her words.

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