Everything We Know About ‘UnREAL’ Season 2

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Credit: Instagram

Things are happening! With UnREAL season 2 just around the corner (it airs June 6), we are literally jumping out of our seats waiting for the new episodes to air!

To keep us all from freaking out, we’ve gathered everything we know about the upcoming season so we can keep our shit together.

1. Adam will definitely be making a return!

Yesssss! TVLine recently confirmed that Freddie Stroma, aka Adam, aka the ex-Bachelor, is coming back! Co-creator Sarah Gertrude Shapiro explained, “We always look at the story from the Rachel/Quinn point of view and just ask, ‘Do they still have feelings in their heart? Is there still story left?’ And definitely, Adam and Rachel did not resolve their story.”

2. There will be a black suitor.

While there has never been a black suitor on The Bachelor/The Bachelorette, the “inspiration” for the show, UnREAL decided to take Everlasting into the 21st century.

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Credit: Instagram

3. Rachel and Quinn are both getting new love interests!

Thank god! Quinn was way too good for Chet and Rachel needs a guy that can keep up with her.

“He comes from a documentary film background, he has a nice Jewish family and a house in Martha’s Vineyard. It could be like this really idyllic life,” Shiri Appleby spilled on her new boy toy Coleman Wasserman.

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4. Rachel and Quinn will be getting matching tattoos.

These two are ready to take their relationship to the next level! At the Vulture Festival, they revealed that their tattoos will say “Money Dick Power.” Yikes.

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Credit: Instagram

5. Rachel is taking over Everlasting as the new show runner.

As the new trailer revealed, Rachel is finally taking her place at the top as she deserves.

6. There is going to be a whole new group of (crazy) contestants.

According to Vulture, there will be a “racist, a black activist, someone with ties to terrorism.” Uh, what?

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Credit: Instagram


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