Facebook Shames Plus-Size Model, So Feminists Shame Facebook Right Back

Credit: Facebook

Don’t mess with the feminists.

When Australian feminist group Cherchez la Femme posted an ad for the event “Feminism and Fat” featuring an image of plus model Tess Holliday, they were shocked to learn that their ad had been rejected from Facebook.

According to Facebook, their ad did not comply with their Health and Fitness policy. More specifically, the ad depicted one of the following:

  • Close-ups of “muffin tops” where the overhanging fat is visible
  • People with clothes that are too tight
  • People pinching their fat/cellulite
  • Human medical conditions in a negative light

Are they kidding us?? “Muffin tops” are banned from Facebook? What modern day woman (who is not a size ) model) doesn’t have a bit of a muffin top?

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We can’t believe this letter is even real, let alone that Facebook actually approved the letter to be sent out.

Of course, the group quickly shared the letter from Facebook and 255 shares and 55 comments and the ad was back up with an apology from Facebook.

Damn right!

But while Facebook sent CFL a note on their “error,” the organization’s producer Jessamy Gleeson isn’t yet satisfied.

“We would like to see Facebook seriously reconsider the policy that lead to this situation, and consult with feminists and body-positivist activists to rewrite and readdress this policy,” she told Mashable.

We are with Jessamy all the way and hope she takes this fight straight to the top!

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