Today in Period News: High School Boys Threw a Tampon Drive For Their Classmates

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.18.21 AM
Credit: Instagram

Teenage boys are finally getting in on the period action!

Male high school students James Hillhouse High School in New Haven, Connecticut decided to hold a pad and tampon drive for their classmates so they could have some on hand for free whenever they needed. So cute!

The boys are a part of the Kiyama Movement, founded in honor of Malcolm X and his desire to better the community through the betterment of individuals.

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The student leader of the group, Samithasen Hubbard, told the New Haven Register, “This is an opportunity for us as young men to help diminish the inequality gap between males and females.”

We love that these boys are becoming period allies for their friends. Maybe they can teach the government a thing or two.

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