One Direction’s Niall Horan: Bullying Me is Not OK

1D’s Niall Horan may be used to the fandom, but thing he will never get used to is the abusive internet trolls who insist on bullying him.

While cyber-bulling has long been a hot topic in schools and in PSAs, we rarely talk about the effects of bullying on celebs. So many times the public forgets that there is a real human behind the celebrity face and it’s the celeb that has to bear the brunt.

Niall posted a series of tweets expressing his upset of the issue. Read the chain below:

Other celebs have already come forward to discuss trolls, but this is Niall’s first time opening up —so we are definitely paying attention. Everyone, let’s try and keep the Internet as happy a place as possible — this means not trolling celebrities, no matter how much you may dislike their music or their public image.

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