Why Lena Dunham is Done Being Sorry

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Credit: Instagram

You heard her right: Lena Dunham is NOT sorry, so don’t ask her to apologize! Her inspiration? Beyonce, duh.

“Lemonade” has definitely inspired a whole bunch of people across the nation, but this is the first time that we’ve heard of that it’s inspired the end of an apology tour.

On LinkedIn, Lena wrote,

I say sorry all day, which doesn’t make sense considering I’m not a warlord, a drunk driver, or a pizza delivery guy speeding down 6th Avenue on a fixed gear bike scaring the shit out of pedestrians. I am a woman who is sometimes right, sometimes wrong but somehow always sorry.”

We totally hear you! Apologizing has become a common phenomenon among women, particularly young women to say the least. And it’s absolutely time that women stop apologizing for literally nothing.

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But because of Beyonce, Lena is changing her ways, and she’s hoping you will too.

“Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ was a massive cultural event for a lot of profound reasons, not least of which because it gave women a melody to which they could sing the words “Sorry, I ain’t sorry,” again and again (and again). This refrain immediately became the stuff of Instagram captions and yearbook quotes and screaming, drunken bachelorette parties: partially because it’s catchy as fuck, but also because it allowed women to express (safely, while pretending with all their might to be Bey) just how sick to death they were of apologizing.”

Amen! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

One thought on “Why Lena Dunham is Done Being Sorry

  1. Love that explanation from Lena Dunham. It’s insane how famous Lemonade has become, I can’t say that I truly understand why though


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