Aziz Ansari is Ready to Use His ‘Master of None’ Success For Good

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 5.03.30 PM
Credit: Instagram

Aziz Ansari is ready to take Master of None to the next level (and we’re not just talking about the show’s epic trip to Italy).

Aziz recently sat down with Kerry Washington to talk diversity on TV with Variety where Aziz admitted the diversity of his show was kind of, well, accidental.

“Our show, it’s an Indian guy, Asian guy, so there’s going to be more Indian people, Asian people. We have a diverse group of friends and we didn’t even really think about it when we were making the show that ‘oh, this is diverse.’ We were just like ‘this feels real.'”

But now that Master of None is a go for season 2, Aziz is ready to think about diversity in a much bigger way.

“One thing I’ve thought about in going from season 1 to season 2 is now we’re in a position to help other people. In season 2 I’ve been like I gotta find—I gotta do just even more—and find even more actors of color and writers of color.”

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That’s awesome! We love that Aziz is trying to “foster talent,” as he puts it. Unfortunately, as Aziz admits, it often falls on the shoulders of successful actors of colors to do just that.

“It’s kind of a responsibility we have once we kind of get to a certain place to look out for people and I’ve really tried to do that in season 2 of my show.”

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