‘Pretty Little Liars’: Everything We Know About Season 7

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Credit: Instagram

We are so psyched about the premiere of Pretty Little Liars season 7! But with so many rumors swirling around, we don’t know what to believe anymore. So here’s a round-up of everything we know (or possibly know) about the new episodes.

7. Hannah is missing… and might be dead by the finale

The last season left off with Hannah missing and with the hashtag #SaveHannah surfing the web, some folks are thinking that Hannah may end up dead. But we have more faith in the liars than that. Besides, Caleb would NEVER let that happen!

6. Someone is getting married!

The show’s creator Marlene King confirmed the new herself, writing, “There will be a #PLLwedding in season 7” on twitter. PLEASE let it be Aria and Ezra!!

5. The first episode is called “Tick Tock Bitches”

Ina  press release for the upcoming season, Freeform revealed the plot of the season premiere: “The PLLs are racing against the clock to save one of their own. The only way to do this is by handing over evidence of Charlotte s murderer to Uber A.”

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4. There’s a good chance that if Hannah is still alive, Haleb (aka Hannah and Caleb) are going to reunite.

Yes!! In an interview given right after the season 6 finale, Marlene King told Variety, “We obviously realized last night that they still have strong emotions for each other and some unfinished business, but it’s by far become our most complicated relationship on the show.”

3. Jenna is back!!


2. Emison might finally be happening

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Credit: Instagram

Ever since we found out Emily had a crush on Ali, we’ve always wondered what it would be like if they actually got together. And now we may finally find out! Shay teased fans when she posted a pic of her and Sasha with the caption, “Wait on it… #Emison

1. Alison’s hubbie may be the new villain

Not only did one of the writers tease the title of the third episode as “Talented Mr. Rollins,” (Mr. Rollins being Ali’s husband), but Marlene King even admitted that he may not be what he seems!

Ugh! We seriously can’t wait until June 21!

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