Stop Everything! Victoria Beckham Released a Secret Hip Hop Album and It’s Been Leaked Online

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.46.44 AM
Credit: Instagram

This is not a drill!! Posh Spice released a hip hop solo album that she hid for 13 years and now it has finally seen the light of day!

The fashion designer recorded an album called Come Together, which included tracks such as “Dat Simple”, “Baby Boy”, and “That Dude”. This is perhaps one of our favorite pieces of news to come out all morning!

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Her song “Freedom” is officially on YuTube now (see below) and while we like the female-power tone, we can definitely see why Victoria decided not to drop it. Besides with such a crazy successful fashion career, who even has time for a music career as well?

Check it out below and see what you think.

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