This Adorable DeafBlind Baby Has More Facebook Friends Than You

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 10.28.03 PM
Credit: Facebook

Not even six months old yet, Clarissa Volmar already has over 30,000 fans on Facebook. 30 FREAKIN’ THOUSAND.

In addition to being exceptionally cute (ok, we may be biased on this one), Clarisa was also born DeafBlind, meaning she is profoundly deaf and fully blind.

Four months old, She was born into a Deaf family with both her parents as well as her three older siblings hard of hearing. And while her parents have already started teaching her American Sign Language, they knew they had to make sure she never felt left out of her family. Her dad Justin said,

When Clarisa was born, my wife Rachel and I immediately agreed that we will modify our family to Clarisa’s needs and make sure she is fully involved with the family at all times.”

So sweet! They already sign words like “kiss” and “I love you” on her face and then move her hands into the signs as well.

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They’ve also consulted teachers, parents, specialists, and DeafBlind advocates to learn how best to support their child.

On Clarisa’s Facebook page, her parents wrote that they want Clarisa to become a “beacon of hope” for people everywhere.

You can learn more about Clarisa on her Facebook page here.

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