‘Black-ish’ Anthony Anderson Opens Up About Their Police Brutality Episode

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 10.37.08 AM
Credit: Instagram

ABC’s Black-ish has often been credited with dealing with tough issues on the show, from the use of the N word to how to keep your kids humble while providing them with everything you didn’t have growing up.

One of their most talked about episodes focused on police brutality in the black community, which star Anthony Anderson recently opened up about to The Hollywood Reporter.

We pride ourselves on dealing with divisive topics on our show that bring people to a table, who have differences of opinions and create that dialogue. Hopefully when we leave this table, we have a better understanding of who sat across from us.”

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He added that it was particularly difficult preparing for the episode with such young actors on the show.

“Looking at the young actors who play Jack and Diane those are the same questions that they had, because they’re so innocent and so pure, and they’re only 10. We had to have real conversations with these young actors about what’s going on in the world and why it is important for us to tackle these issues and talk about them.”

Black-ish has done an amazing job dealing with taboo topics while not coming off too political. We can’t wait to see what the show has in store for season 3!


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