Saoirse Ronan: “I’m Not a Dummy So I Don’t Want to Play Someone Who is a Dummy Onscreen.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.49.35 PM
Credit: Instagram

Saoirse Ronan has played some amazing characters from Briony (Atonement) to Hanna (Hanna) to Eilis (Brooklyn). But make no mistake about it: this was no coincidence.

The 22-year-old recently opened up to Time about the importance picking the right roles:

It’s important for me to play intelligent women, because I think in art, you have a responsibility to portray real life. It’s even more important now that there’s such a massive shift towards feminism that men and women see strong, complex women onscreen. I’m not being bigheaded, but I’m not a dummy so I don’t want to play someone who is a dummy onscreen.”

We totally respect Saorise for having the guts to stick to her guns — we’re sure she must have been turned down a bunch of roles that didn’t fit her standards. But she’s lucky that she’s now in a position to be so picky about her roles. If only every actress could be so lucky!

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