Cara Reedy, A Black Woman with Dwarfism, on How She Beat Her Fear of Leaving the House

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Credit: Digg/Youtube

Cara Reedy is a normal woman living in New York City. She’s a writer, actor, and comedian. She also has achondroplastic dwarfism, the most common form of dwarfism.

In an inspiration video posted by Digg, Cara explains how she overcame her fear of going outside and how she continues to fight off ignorant comments.

“Growing up is hard anyway and then you add something like this and it gets harder. I got to the point where I wouldn’t want to go places because I was afraid that someone was going to say something, because someone always does.”

She says that while her mother did let her stay in the car once, after that, she decided never again and that her daughter had the face the world.


When you’re thrown things and barriers are put up, you have two options: you can turn around and walk away from it, or you can push or climb over it. That is the gift of being different. You end up just with this strength.”

So beautifully said!

But even though Cara has overcome her fears, doesn’t mean she doesn’t struggle from time to time.

“Yeah, I go and cry. I have moments where I cry in my room. And then the next day I’m like, how are you going to fix this because you can’t just cry. You’ve always had to fight. And if you’ve always had to fight you, you know how to fight and you know how to survive.”

It’s so brave of Cara to tell her story publicly and we hope everyone watching the video will become even a little more educated about little people.

Watch the entire video below or on YouTube here.

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