Aww! ‘The Late Late Show’ James Corden Spouts The Most Beautiful Theory on Humanity, Becomes Our Favorite Human

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.20.35 PM.png
Credit: Instagram

You probably know James Corden from his hilarious carpool sessions (you can watch his most recent one with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Jane Krakowski here). But did you know he is also incredibly deep? Let us explain.

In anticipation of his first time hosting the Tony awards, James stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. While the two started off by talking about James’ show, things quickly got intense when Stephen asked James whether feels more American now that his show has is in L.A.

James’ responses was completely unexpected and totally amazing:

“The truth is, and I don’t know if this is just me and the family I grew up in, but I never really considered myself to be anything other than a citizen of the world really. And I don’t really think of myself as being British nor American. I sort of feel, we’re all kind of it it together.”

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He later added,

“It’s just Earth. And it’s ours to look after. It’s not about you being from here or me being from there or building a wall here or doing those things. It’s about the totality. And I feel that being British, being here.”

So beautiful! We just want to cry and give him a big hug! If only James could run for president, what a wonderful happy world we could live in

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