Why Actress Amandla Stenberg Just Became Our New Young Feminist Role Model

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.57.10 PM
Credit: Instagram

You might recognize her as Rue from The Hunger Games, but Amandla Stenberg is so much more.

While the 17-year-old fashionista and activist has been busy starring in Sleepy HallowMr. Robinson, and Beyonce’s Lemonade, she recently took a break to answer fan questions for Tavi Gevinson’s Rookie.

But this was no ordinary Q&A — Amandla completely blew our minds with her thoughts on intersectionality, gender binaries, and so much more. Check out her best nuggets of wisdom below:

On intersectionality…

“I cannot separate my gender from my race from my sexual orientation. If in that moment I’m speaking out about gender, then I’m also in some way speaking out about race and about feminism.”

On learning to love yourself

“Learning to love your hair, learning to love your self is a very tough and continual process. I know I go through that all the time. I still have moments where I’m like ‘my hair is too big.’ or ‘it’s too much, I want it to be smaller.’ But then I realize that’s not actually me talking. That’s just like, all of the preconceived, internalized messages that I’ve been fed since birth that have told me that my hair is not beautiful.”

On her sexuality

“I identify publicly as bisexual. I would also use the word pansexual to describe my sexuality. The thing is I use the word bisexual just because I feel like for people who don’t necessarily know that vocabulary…it’s easier to say I’m bi.”

On the advice she would give young girls trying to understand themselves…

You are real. Your identity is real. What you’re fighting for—your words, your power—that’s all real.”

Watch the full video below to hear all of Amandla’s awesome advice.

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