Ilana Glazer Talks Sexism on the Set of ‘Broad City’

In a comedy roundtable, our favorite Ilana Glazer discussed how even on the set of her own show Broad City, there can still by a hint of sexism.

We’re officially distraught. If Broad City isn’t safe then no place is!! Ok, let’s rewind for a moment.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 4.11.37 PM
Credit: Instagram

Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Ilana said,

Because Abbi and I are women and we’re young, there’s some subtle sexism. Especially [from] crew guys. Recently, this guy was calling us ‘ladybugs’ and ‘love bugs.’ We’re like, ‘We have a show — you are helping run the promo for the show that we created!'”

We have a feeling Ilana put that guy in his place. But even still, it stinks that two hilarious, super successful female comedians who have their own show still have to put up with any bit of sexism on set. Not cool, crew guy!

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