Jamie Shupe on Becoming the First Legally Genderless Person in America and Finally Being Free

Less than a week ago, Oregon granted Jamie Shupe’s petition to legally become non-binary. In other terms, Jamie is neither male nor female; Jamie is genderless. And Jamie couldn’t be more thrilled.

In a piece for The Guardian, Jamie wrote,

“After a historic court ruling, I am free. I am the first non-binary person in the United States to be officially recognized. I refused to be classified. And now, I’ve been vindicated.”

And while Jamie identifies as transgender, Jamie has no desire to conform to either cisgender male or cisgender female standards.

“As a transgender person with male biology and distinctly feminine traits, I believe myself to be a unique variation of nature. I am not ashamed of who I am. I was not born into the wrong body. My genitals are not a birth defect. And I am not to be sterilized by psychiatry and a medical establishment that has run amok.”

Just beautiful!

We are so happy for Jamie and hope this will lead to many more decisions just like this.

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