Jazz Jennings Continues to Be Our Inspirational Role Model with Her Latest Advice to Teens

Let’s be real: Jazz Jennings is basically the teenager we wish we could have been. Smart, confident, and wise beyond her years, Jazz seems like she knows all the answers. And it turns out- she does!

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, she opened up about depression, bullies, and the advice she would give to other trans teens.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 5.35.15 PM
Credit: Instagram

On dealing with depression…

“I definitely think when I’m feeling super down or having tantrums or not able to participate in any activities, I have to control myself. I have to tell myself, ‘no, focus, focus, focus, do this, do this, do this.’ Instead of shutting down, I encourage myself to think positively, and move towards the light. I encourage myself to shut out the depression and then I will be happy.”

On cyberbullies on social media…

“It motivates me, because it shows me that there is still more education that needs to happen. I will continue advocating for my community until it’s resolved, and the hate is gone.”

On the advice she would give trans kids whose parents don’t accept them…

“Some people just have parents who neglect and don’t really love their children. It’s hard to say that, but it’s true. If kids have parents like that, they need to create their own family. Find people who accept you and let you be your authentic self. If you have parents who love you but just don’t understand, they will come around.”

Read Jazz’s entire interview with Teen Vogue here.

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