Taraji P. Henson Would Rather Get a Penis Than Continue Getting Paid Less Than Men

Taraji P. Henson aka the one and only Cookie Lyon has a bone to pick.

At the recent Women in Film’s 2016 Crystal + Lucy Awards, Taraji spoke her peace on how tired she was of getting paid less than men, and we couldn’t agree more.

According to THR, she said,

“If I do a job just as well as a man, people tune in every week, they see me, they root for me just like they root for him, why should my pay be less than his? Is it because he has a penis? Because we live in a world now where I can have one attached. Just let me know if that’s what I need! Because I have them at home in all different colors.”

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Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 4.51.54 PM
Credit: Instagram

Taraji is clearly the best part of Empire so the notion that could possibly get paid less than her male costars is just absolutely ludicrous.

She also added:

“I love talking with kids, they’re like, ‘We want to do what you’re doing!’ That’s the weak position. You want to be her (pointing at Fox CEO Dana Walden). You want to be the head of a studio greenlighting projects. That’s my message to kids today. They think so little because of Instagram, you know, everybody wants instant fame. Me getting here? This is 20 years of hard work. Of proving that my voice mattered, right? Did I always get paid what I should have? No. But that was my struggle. My struggle was bigger than that. Think of the big picture and stick to it. I have a voice.”

Suffice it to say that her speech was epic and we think she is one seriously smart lady. So, Taraji for President? We can get on board with that.

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