A 12-Year-Old Jewish Boy Was “Gassed” in the School Showers By His Classmates

In a Belgian elementary school, a 12-year-old boy was in the shower when his fellow classmates came up behind him and attempted to “gas” him with spray deodorant. A clearly¬†anti-Semitic act, the classmates’ goal was to recreate the gas chambers of the Holocaust. The victim went home with burns on his back

The victim’s mother has already filed charges with the police against 3 students and a teacher believed involved in the matter. She said this was just one of a dozen bullying incidents that have happened to her son.

This is just absolutely horrifying. Acts of anti-Semitism, are of course, always horrible, but to actually go so far as to try to recreate the violent acts done in the Holocaust? It’s deeply disturbing, to say the least.

While the incident happened early last year, the school has yet to take any action on the manner and maintains it is “looking into the situation,” according to¬†The Forward.

This is one of many anti-Semitic acts that have occurred within the last few years in Belgian schools.


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