Boss Lady Gloria Steinem on the Importance of Female Friendships

Gloria Steinem, aka the feminist boss lady, recently opened up about¬†living with her bestie in a studio apartment in NYC for 6 years and how her lady friends got her through the women’s movement.

All excerpts below are from her and her bestie artist Barbara Nessim’s interview wth i-D.

On the importance of helping out other powerful women…

“Women’s friendships had always been crucial to our lives. For instance, when other female freelancers arrived in New York, we all shared our lists of good editors who didn’t always ask you to go to bed with them afterwards. We all tried to help each other. But with the women’s movement came the realization that this support was crucial; that unless you had a group of people who share your values, and support each other, you probably can’t do it by yourself. It was a political necessity.”

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On her secrets to long-term friendships…

Trust. Authenticity. I think some folks worry too much about regularity. It’s not about how often, necessarily. It shouldn’t become a duty that you do whatever once a month. It’s just that the person is always there in moments of celebration and sorrow.

We seriously don’t understand how Gloria is so wise. Dare we say, she’s a genius?!

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