Self-Proclaimed Fat Lady Lindy West On The Time Her Worst Nightmare Came True: Breaking a Chair in Public

Lindy West, aka a national freakin’ treasure, is proud to embrace her identity as “fat.” But it wasn’t always that way.

On the latest episode of This American Life, Lindy told Ira about how becoming comfortable with herself as a fat person, and also about that time that her worst nightmare came true to life: she broke a chair in public. And by public, we mean on stage in public. Yeah.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 12.52.09 PM
Credit: Instagram

“You know, packed, sold-out theater. And I’m sitting on the stage. And then, of course, the chair made a horrible, loud cracking noise, like, five minutes into the show. And I was already on high alert for the chair. So I managed to sort of leap into a crouch.

It was like Mission Impossible. Because breaking a chair is a combination of so many horrible things. It’s like confirmation that you are giant, that furniture cannot withstand you. So it’s like falling down, making a scene–”

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Um, that sounds mortifying! Luckily, Lindy seemed to have recovered. Her writing is read by thousands of people and her new book Shrill is already a success.

As far as we’re concerned, Lindy can break as many chairs as she wants ‘cuz she is seriously woke AF.

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