A White Girl Took Her Anti-Affirmative Action Case to the Supreme Court and it Did Not End Well For Her

When Abigail Fisher was denied entrance into the University of Texas, she decided that the only reason she could think of was her race. Not her mediocre grades, but her race. She’s white.

For the last three years, Abigail has been fighting all the way to the Supreme Court, where they would determine whether or not to uphold affirmative action.

In the majority opinion, Justice Kennedy explained the deep discriminatory history of the university that led to the affirmative action plan they hold today and explained that Abigail failed to demonstrate how the University of Texas’ admission policy denied her based solely on her race.

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This is a huge deal.

Ever since affirmative action plans were introduced into college admissions, the concept has been hotly debated. By upholding affirmative action, the Supreme Court has taken one major step forward toward reverse racism that will serve as precedent for cases to come.

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