Polish Tennis Champ Aga Radwanska on How She Finally Became Comfortable with Her Small Stature

At 123 lbs, Polish tennis pro Agnieszka, aka Aga, Radwanska is by far the smallest player in the top ten players in the world. (For reference, Serena Williams weighs in at 155 lbs). But that hasn’t stopped Aga from becoming the number 3 tennis player worldwide. But she wasn’t so comfortable with her small frame.

“I was always the smallest one, the thinnest one. They were laughing at me, thinking that if it was windy it would just blow me away,” she told The Guardian.

But now that’s she’s 27, Aga says she’s finally come to accept her size.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 1.17.06 PM
Credit: Instagram

“I will never be able to serve to 100mph like other girls so I have to figure out other ways to beat those players. I didn’t think I could ever be a big hitter. I go to the gym, work on my fitness a lot and use weights, but if I do a bit too much I might lose a bit of speed or feeling or touch. I’m trying to get stronger, but I’m never going to look like others.”

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“You can’t change your genes.”

We think it’s amazing what Aga has been able to do with her size! She currently uses her thin frame to her advantage and continually works on creative ways to match the heavy hitters. So cool!


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