She Was Told She Was ‘Too Big’ To Model, So She Started Her Own Plus-Size Modeling Agency

When Anna Shillinglaw started her modeling career at 17 in size 10 jeans, she was doing well — that is, until Kate Moss came along.

“Kate Moss hit and everyone wanted waifs. I was sent home from a few jobs with people muttering ‘she’s just too big’,” she told The Daily Mail.

But she wasn’t going to let a few casting directors stand in her way. So she returned to her home in the UK and started her own modeling agency MiLK, which specializes in plus-size models.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 2.49.34 PM
MiLK model Felicity Hayward

“I was on a modeling job when I blurted out to the other models: ‘Do you want to join my agency?’ All six agreed, so I knew the time was right.”

Five years later and the agency is proud to have women of all sizes on their roster, as well as men.

Check out all of MiLK’s badass models here.

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