Meet the Hijab-Wearing Fashion Blogger Who’s Inspiring Her Community

Naballah Chi wasn’t always so proud of her hijab. But the Trinidad and Tobago fashion blogger has come a long way from her days in beauty pageants.

“I had sometimes felt that wearing hijab did not allow me to reach my true potential. I often felt that I couldn’t participate in certain activities with my hijab, and so this feeling had taken me down a road that I never want to travel on again,” she wrote on her blog.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.09.34 AM.png
Credit: Facebook

Now a successful style writer and fashion designer, Naballah hopes to inspire other women to wear their hijabs with pride as well.

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“To my sisters who aspire to or have recently started wearing hijab and are facing any of the issues that I did…keep reminding yourself that hijab is your protection [and] you ARE just as beautiful if not more with it on”

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