This 8-Year-Old Trans Girl Just Took on the Infamous Westboro Baptist Church

An 8 year old activist named Avery Jackson just took on the anti-LGBT Westboro Baptist Church, and she wasn’t even scarred.

After discovering Planting Peace’s Equality House in Topeka, Kansas, which serves as a safe haven for LGBT folks, Avery decided it was times transgendered people had a place all their own. So she decided to team up with Planting Peace to expand the Equality House with a Transgender House — and it’s right across the street from the church! Talk about having serious guts!

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 5.33.05 PM
Credit: Instagram

The house is painted blue and pink, just like the transgender flag. The safe house is being funded by an NYC developer.

“I was worried that having a transgender house was just a dream, but now it’s finally real. I love the transgender flag. It’s beautiful and makes me smile. I’m happy that we will have a house painted like the flag to show that transgender people are beautiful and will make them smile,” Avery told the New York Daily News.

We’re so happy Avery’s dream was able to become a reality. Her passion and persistence is truly an inspiration!

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