‘Workoholics’ Cutie Anders Holm on Meeting His Wife at Age 12

It’s official: Anders Holm is the most romantic of all the Workaholics guys. Ders recently dished on meeting his now wife Emma Nesper when he was only 12 years old!

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 3.31.18 PM
Credit: Instagram

Speaking with Harper’s Bazaar, Anders said,

We went to summer camp together when we were 12. But it was when we were in high school together, and we were at cosmic bowling—which is what you did before cell phones. She was wearing these little white shorts, and, you know, in the black light, they pop. So, I was like, “She seems cool from here.” And then I stalked her for a few months, and it turned out that she’s a totally respectable, super smart human with a giant brain and not just a pair of white shorts.

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It’s so cute, we can’t even!

Although we have to admit that we are slightly disappointed to learn that the hilarious The Mindy Project actor (you probably recognize him as Mindy’s pastor bf Casey from seasons 1 and 2) wasn’t single. Oh, well! We guess we’ll just have to wait until Workaholics season 7 to swoon of Ders on the small screen.


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