Is Samantha Bee the Answer to Our Female Late Night Host Prayers?

Samantha Bee’s show Full Frontal has only been on for a few months but that hasn’t stopped the show from already obtaining high ratings, great reviews, and praise all around. Could Samantha be the answer to our late night sausage fest problem?

Unlike all other late night shows, Full Frontal airs only once a week, which according to Samantha has only added to their success.

“When you’re not having to do a show every day, you get to sit back and watch the way the story is going, or the way the narrative is shifting … which gives you an opportunity to do a little more analysis,” she told Vulture.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 2.15.14 PM
Credit: Instagram

But the show’s formatting isn’t the only thing that innately sets Full Frontal apart from the show’s competitors. Obviously, she’s a woman and Trevor Noah and John Oliver are, well, not. But more important than that is Samantha’s take on the issues. Unlike other late night political commentaries, Full Frontal frequently demands that viewers that the issues personally and actually go do something about it. As a Vox writer so eloquently puts it, “Bee is constructing the first season of Full Frontal to serve as a blanket condemnation of an entire political system where everybody is lazily comfortable with their privilege.”

She may not be perfect, but Samantha Bee is stepping up to the plate in a way that so many other late night shows have avoided doing. The comedian is not making waves merely because of her gender (although we are super grateful to finally have a woman in the ring) but because of her pure talent and charisma.

If she keeps this up, Samantha Bee could truly be the next Jon Stewart, with or without The Daily Show. Sorry, Trevor Noah.


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