The Orange Bite is a feminist pop culture website dedicated to creating a female-positive space on the internet.

What does “feminist pop culture news” mean?

We cover everything from celebrities who are trying to empower women to every day people who are doing awesome, feminist things. We’re all about celebrating women from all walks of life and their accomplishments. Other topics we cover include LGBTQ news, issues of intersectionality, gender, period/menstruation, sexual assault, and differently-abled individuals.

What’s the deal with commenting?

We encourage it! We would love for you to comment and discuss the issues brought up in our articles. Only one rule: no negativity! This space is reserved for positive energy only. Any negative comments will be taken down.

Where can you find us?

Pretty much anywhere. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest — we’re there! Check out the icons in the top right-hand corner of the page to find us.

Do you accept submissions and/or contributions?

At this time we are open to submissions, as long as they comply with our site’s goals. If you would like to submit a pitch for an article, you can email us at theorangebite@gmail.com. We will respond if we would like to proceed with you as a contributor.